Tarot Advice Drawing Video November 30th 2015

It is the last day of November! Here is my final November advice drawing in video form. Enjoy!


Dream Interpretation – Zombies, Necklaces, and Relationships

zombie-t-shirtsI had a really odd dream last night that I can remember vividly. What stuck out the most was arguing over a pink heart necklace with a silver chain at a shop that was giving its stuff away for free during a zombie apocalypse. I was trying to give it to the lady who had it but she wouldn’t let go and allow me to untangle it from my other necklace in hand first. She was very rude and desperate. The other necklace in my hand was silver with a white rectangular pendant.

The necklaces looked similar to these:


The dream interpreted:

The pink heart necklace symbolizes love and passion. There might be a woman attached to someone in the future who doesn’t want to let go of someone I care about and will try to cause issues.

The white necklace symbolizes honor and purity. I wouldn’t let go of the necklace until my own was released and tried to reason with her regardless of her rude behavior. Seeing this necklace in my hand tells me I have intellect. A lesson for me is that I need to think about the new situations coming in my life even though I like to think of the past a lot (not a bad thing). Good health and fertility are in my future (oh boy!).

The zombie apocalypse symbolizes something ending or something being dead to me. The person I saw in my dream (romantic partner) will most likely cease to have a relationship with me soon. Seeing so many zombies around me tells us that I am feeling detached from this guy in the dream and that I am going through the motions of being with him rather than being whole and happy. In my current situation I feel helpless and without power to change anything but the great news is that it will get better!

Whew, now I feel better! That dream was nagging me until I wrote everything down and got out my interpretation materials. Remembering dreams is usually tough but I needed to remember this one for that insight, I believe.

So how did you like this post? Do you have a dream you want interpreted for you? If so, comment below or email me here and I will be interpreting one dream each for 5 people for free! When the slots are taken I will put a comment below or make a post. I will be adding this service to my shop tomorrow morning for Cyber Monday. Also, don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t. I will be giving away one free 7 card tarot reading for one question when I reach 100 subscribers.

Relaxation, Tarot, and Spellwork

I have a specific area in my home I like to do spells. For the most part, I also read tarot/oracle cards there as well as do pendulum chart readings. This is my “working table”:


It is a wee bit messy, but it is mine 🙂

I enjoy sitting down at my working table and having a daily routine. I have my cup of coffee in the morning, light incense, do a daily blessing chant along with a protection blessing on my home, and read some tarot or chat with whomever is on the other side of the pendulum. Then proceed to do any spells I want or just chill out reading one of my Grimoires (or Sherlock Holmes book, which is sooooo out of place haha!).

IMG_20151127_145000551Tarot can be read anywhere in my place though, as long as I am comfortable and have a place to rest my elbow to use my pendulum as well (I use it with every reading to verify my interpretations). Since the weather is finally cool where I am, my fireplace is the center of most of my readings. Fire is always needed with my readings so I light a candle or sit next to a fire.

Today I did a drawing. This spread is: What am I struggling with, What will help me overcome it, and What will the outcome be.

IMG_20151128_112829045Beautiful results with this new deck. Financial issues that will get better. Can you read how? Let me know below, and I’ll tell you my interpretation on Monday.

I have a migraine attack today but I wanted to chat with you all, I missed you the two days I didn’t post! When I feel better, I will write my reply to the Leibster Award nomination I got this past week.

So now, in terms of decks for those who wanted to know, I own: The Wildwood Tarot (in time out for now because it didn’t cooperate and I was not experienced enough to use it), The Legacy of the Divine Tarot, Deviant Moon Tarot, and the Shaman’s Oracle.

It was fate I walked in to Half Price Books and found Deviant Moon Tarot for $8!! Holy crap!

Oh, and the wand in the picture is handmade with a stick from outside, a crystal, and another beautiful rock.

This is the one I want off of Amazon.com. Or I’d get the Weegyptians statue, then the plush Bast because I love stuffed animals.

Before I leave you in this post, I want to encourage you to be yourself. In your home you should have a place to worship, practice, and just plain be you without having to hide. Create your own sanctuary. Add plants, candles, incense, pictures, and whatever else you want. I want to add a Bast/Bastet statue (budget isn’t allowing me to get the one I want) to my desk and more twigs/pine cones from outside.

Feel free to leave a comment below about this post or whatever you’d like to ask. Or, email me, but don’t forget to subscribe because I’ll have more posts like this one coming up! xoxo

See the updated table here.


Full Moon Tonight! Get Your Spells/Tarot Ready

Photo by trekearth.com

Ladies and gents of all ages, tarot readers and witches alike, this is your gentle reminder to get ready for the full moon today!

I know certain spells charge items in the sun during the day of the full moon, such as the pyrite in my prosperity grid spell. Also, several activities require the full moon to perform (or perform better) so FYI get your tools and/or cards ready 🙂 I just want you to be ready and not forget anything.

If you want a reading from me for this full moon, go to my store and purchase a custom order with full moon spread in the message and the 2 questions you would like answered. I will send the PDF I create for you in an email (if you provide an address) or via Etsy messages if you want it that way.

A cool tarot spread for the full moon is this one that someone named novembersdawn found on Tumblr:


  • 1. What your body needs?
  • 2. What your mind should focus on? 
  • 3. What your soul is looking for? 
  • 4. What your heart desires? 

Or try this one by Ethony (at ethony.com)

The-Full-Moon-Tarot-Spread ethony

Today, I’m going to charge my pyrite for my grid in the sunlight. I might make a new tarot spread for today to add in my collection of self made spreads.

Tell me what you are going to do today for the full moon in the comments below.



Daily Advice – Inspiration: Dancer of Inspiration!

Before I write the meaning of this card, I wanted to let you know that I posted a Moon Phases Page on my blog so if you need/want to know what the phases are according to date, check it out.

Now on to the reading…


Strike out in fresh territory today, especially with creative endeavors because your creative strength will be supercharged today. It will be clear to you what you should use your energy on so don’t dwell on figuring it out. Go about your day and when inspiration hits you, ACT! If you don’t you might lose it. No matter how ridiculous the project/activity seems, do it. You won’t regret it.

orangecalcite crystaldictionary
Orange Calcite

If you are having trouble with creativity, open your sacral chakra. To open it there are several things you can do. Shake your hips (dancing, I know I keep telling you to do this but I keep drawing those cards!) or try Reiki healing techniques. Use a moonstone or orange stones (carnelian, orange calcite, amber) to help clear it. Also, taking a nice hot bath will help open up your chakra especially with salt or adding the stones to the bath (don’t put them in together though, salt can damage certain stones).

How did you like this daily card drawing? Do you like these oracle cards with the cave drawings on them? Let me know in the comments below.

Also, if there is anything you would like me to write about let me know! I love hearing from people. Email me here.

Friendship: Who to Keep, Who to Get Rid Of

Ah friends…. it is hard to find good ones, isn’t it? Sometimes we think someone is a nice, supportive, and loyal person when they are not simply because we are too nice to think otherwise despite the signs. This is the tarot reading I did for myself and it will hopefully aid you as well. Enjoy.

My Uncle Stush/Stan was helping with this reading to give me advice (he came through on the pendulum today). He has always given the best advice.


The Page of Cups (Rx/Reverse), 6 of Swords then the 3 of coins and the Page of Wands from Legacy of the Divine Tarot.

The first part of the drawing (2 left cards) were about how to find better friends.

The two cards are saying that I should not be letting self centered, childish people steer my vessel (my life) at all because it will be put into dangerous waters… They might steer me into an obstacle on purpose because that is the kind of person they are but they will pretend like nothing was wrong with doing it! Get rid of those people, steer your own boat. Of course you can always ask for help or find a new friend but remember who you had on the last voyage as a person to avoid at all costs.

The 2 cards on the right were about what the attributes are of people can I look for to find good friends for myself. So who are they? Hardworking people with common sense who share my interests are the kind of people I should look for. Preferably, someone who is in the same area of work or way of life that I am (a Witch and Tarot/Pendulum reader). These people shall hate drama as much as I do and do not stoop low to find dirt on others nor do they waste time with things that are trivial and derail anyone from goals or work.


When I began asking (again) about a “friend” and if they would come back, these 2 cards literally FLEW out of the deck… How fitting.

They mean, in a nutshell, that I must be kinder to myself. How? By not chasing after bad friends just because I don’t want to be alone! My memories of them are skewed and they really weren’t someone to keep around. If there were good times, remember those, but do NOT go back to people who aren’t good for you. The warning was that he might try to come back because I am a nurturing, kind lady. Don’t let him. Sigh… I hope I don’t! I need good friends!

How did you like this reading? Did it help you sort out anything or did the cards “speak” to you in any way about friendship/another issue? Let me know in the comments below. I will also be happy to answer any questions about tarot or spells. Thanks!

P.S. YouTube videos may be coming to share readings. Would you like that? Let me know by email or commenting 🙂




Etsy Readings Black Friday Sale Week Has Begun + New Listing!!

7daytarotFor those of you who do not know, I have an Etsy store where I do Tarot and Pendulum readings via email. Use the coupon BFWEEK12015 to get 15% off orders of $10 or more in my store*.

Also, I have added the 7 day readings!

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Get Up and Dance! Dancer of Joy – Daily Draw and Advice

Shaman’s Oracle – Dancer of Joy

Embrace and find joy in life today. Experience something pleasurable. Let that joy radiate from you onto others. Today can be a lovely day, you just have to let it be!

If you want to take this literally, do a dance! Even a “happy” or “joyful” dance when you do/experience something awesome today. I know it sounds nerdy, but what the heck right? Dancing can help balance your Root/Red Chakra which is located in the tailbone/base of the spine.

Hecate Pendulum Messages and Chakra Improvement

My pendulum (a necklace with a golden sand point) and some pretty stones.

My pendulum was very active today. Usually when using it I speak with someone and generally chat with them or ask advice/things that might happen.


So far, nothing has been incorrect. Weather forecasts, percentage chance of something happening (100%), divination, and more.

There are 3 beings who speak through it that I know of and one who generally doesn’t like using it stepped in when no one else was nearby today. It was Hecate.

That lady/goddess has some jokes! She fooled me into thinking a woman online who gave a false tarot reading to me about her was a man! HA! I cried a little laughing. I felt silly for believing that one. Everyone says she is so serious. Yet I have a hard time knowing when she is joking, but she says that trust is an issue for her (by spelling it out TRUST NO ONE) most likely because people abuse her name and gifts all the time.

The pendulum chart I use.

Who would want to be around those people anyway? So she jokes in order to break the ice I guess. I asked what would help her trust me and she spelled “WRITE JOKES”. I was confused. I asked how that would help and she gave me the word “Oputu” which the meaning I could find for it is a life path number (3) and it represents triangle of positive energy/powers (Body, Spirit, Mind). The people on that life path are humorous and are very social.

There was more to that message but I believe she wants me to be more social and lighthearted. She enjoys jokes and has pulled quite a few on me!

Messages from Hecate using my pendulum today to everyone who reads this blog post:

She spelled out: PACE YOURSELF, and I got the words “while learning anything” put directly into my mind. She verified that was correct with a big yes motion.

And, I asked which Chakra people should work on today that see this post.

Work on your Green Chakra – Heart Chakra. airbrush-heart-1426454-639x698

Ways to improve your Heart/Green Chakra are:

  1. Say “no” to people and take time for yourself during the day
  2. Let go of jealousy
  3. Go on a nature hike or spend time with friends and your family (people who make you feel good)
  4. Listen to nature sounds MP3s or any music with those sounds incorporated into it
  5. Have a candle lit dinner, even if you are alone!
  6. Surround yourself with plants
  7. Use pine, spearmint, cedar wood, or Eucalyptus aromatherapy oils

So, what will you do to improve your green heart Chakra today? Have you gotten any pendulum readings/messages you would like to share? Leave a comment below and if you enjoyed this do not forget to follow. I will write more posts similar to this.

P.S. I opened my Etsy store today! Check it out here: AnyCardTarot