Yule Preparation 2 – Tarot

This Yule Tree spread is fun for a party! Have several guests pick one or two cards from a tarot deck. Then, once the tree is complete, ask each guest why they chose it and say “so mote it be” to make that statement a magical affirmation.


I found this great spread below from bellaonline.com in the forums. You draw one card each day (12 cards total). Look at the directions here.

spread3sm5 great gifts for the tarot readers you know are:

  1. A special cloth to lay cards on just for their readings
  2. A container to hold tarot cards while traveling such as a tin (these are the best in my opinion)
  3. Runes. A lot of tarot readers I know enjoy drawing a rune or several with cards to help clarify the meanings
  4. iTunes gift card/other gift card for apps. There are a lot of great tarot apps for phones, tablets, and computers so this would be a great techie tarot gift
  5. Massage or manicure day. Their hands and arms get tired and dry from constantly shuffling cards for client readings



Tarot for Fun

I am a huge pro wrestling fan. So I decided, for fun, that I would draw tarot and oracle cards for my second favorite ginger in WWE: Sheamus. Who is my first favorite? Obviously Undertaker… c’mon people! I drew 3 tarot cards for advice in his career right now as well as 2 oracle card questions.

So, his cards are from left to right, top to bottom: 8 of Coins, Reversed King of Cups, Reversed 2 of Swords, Hunter of Conflict, and Ancestor of Memory:


I drew these knowing absolutely nothing about him except I love what he does in the ring and he seems like a cool man that I’d like to meet someday.

The 8 of Coins says that he needs to take time to refine his skills and focus on one task at a time. It is possible he has a lot of work quite often which can seem overwhelming but by refining his skills he can make work more pleasurable and take more pride in what he does.

With the reversed King of Cups following the 8 of coins, there is someone nearby that is very difficult to please. They lack the creativity that he has and are deceptive as well as extremely overemotional. This person is really hard to be around but he most likely has to be near them. The advice here is to get rid this person. Clingy people that are difficult to please will bring everyone down if they can, do not let this happen.

Now the reversed 2 of swords looks like 2 people that are very close who are ready to fight together. But in reverse, the meaning is full of lies, falsehoods, and the need to move away from the King of Cups. This person pretends to be your friend but as close as you two may be it is time to move on.

My two oracle card questions were: What do I feel about him and What do I think about him. I meant this in a friendly, non romantic way (though he is super gorgeous…) Ahem, so the cards were: Hunter of Conflict and the Ancestor of Memory.

Hunter of Conflict tells me I feel conflicted about talking to him. I don’t think he would ever talk to me because I am not on the same level of financial success or status that he is. So 100% correct. Yet, it tells me I should not think this way too, that it is incorrect and I must have courage to face what I am conflicted about.


The Ancestor of Memory is dead on. Sheamus reminds me of Undertaker. So this is correct, my memory of Undertaker is always brought up when I see Sheamus wrestle. How did these cards know??? I’m embarrassed…. To be honest, without his predecessor, I wouldn’t care for his in ring ability at all. Undertaker got me hooked on wrestling so this is true, I wouldn’t care about wrestling at all and therefore wouldn’t even know who Sheamus is let alone appreciate what he does in the ring.

This was a very fun reading and very accurate (at least for my last two questions, I don’t know if he would think the same of the first part).

Did you enjoy this post? Want a reading of your own? Leave a comment below or email me here.

Full Moon Tonight! Get Your Spells/Tarot Ready

Photo by trekearth.com

Ladies and gents of all ages, tarot readers and witches alike, this is your gentle reminder to get ready for the full moon today!

I know certain spells charge items in the sun during the day of the full moon, such as the pyrite in my prosperity grid spell. Also, several activities require the full moon to perform (or perform better) so FYI get your tools and/or cards ready 🙂 I just want you to be ready and not forget anything.

If you want a reading from me for this full moon, go to my store and purchase a custom order with full moon spread in the message and the 2 questions you would like answered. I will send the PDF I create for you in an email (if you provide an address) or via Etsy messages if you want it that way.

A cool tarot spread for the full moon is this one that someone named novembersdawn found on Tumblr:


  • 1. What your body needs?
  • 2. What your mind should focus on? 
  • 3. What your soul is looking for? 
  • 4. What your heart desires? 

Or try this one by Ethony (at ethony.com)

The-Full-Moon-Tarot-Spread ethony

Today, I’m going to charge my pyrite for my grid in the sunlight. I might make a new tarot spread for today to add in my collection of self made spreads.

Tell me what you are going to do today for the full moon in the comments below.



Friendship: Who to Keep, Who to Get Rid Of

Ah friends…. it is hard to find good ones, isn’t it? Sometimes we think someone is a nice, supportive, and loyal person when they are not simply because we are too nice to think otherwise despite the signs. This is the tarot reading I did for myself and it will hopefully aid you as well. Enjoy.

My Uncle Stush/Stan was helping with this reading to give me advice (he came through on the pendulum today). He has always given the best advice.


The Page of Cups (Rx/Reverse), 6 of Swords then the 3 of coins and the Page of Wands from Legacy of the Divine Tarot.

The first part of the drawing (2 left cards) were about how to find better friends.

The two cards are saying that I should not be letting self centered, childish people steer my vessel (my life) at all because it will be put into dangerous waters… They might steer me into an obstacle on purpose because that is the kind of person they are but they will pretend like nothing was wrong with doing it! Get rid of those people, steer your own boat. Of course you can always ask for help or find a new friend but remember who you had on the last voyage as a person to avoid at all costs.

The 2 cards on the right were about what the attributes are of people can I look for to find good friends for myself. So who are they? Hardworking people with common sense who share my interests are the kind of people I should look for. Preferably, someone who is in the same area of work or way of life that I am (a Witch and Tarot/Pendulum reader). These people shall hate drama as much as I do and do not stoop low to find dirt on others nor do they waste time with things that are trivial and derail anyone from goals or work.


When I began asking (again) about a “friend” and if they would come back, these 2 cards literally FLEW out of the deck… How fitting.

They mean, in a nutshell, that I must be kinder to myself. How? By not chasing after bad friends just because I don’t want to be alone! My memories of them are skewed and they really weren’t someone to keep around. If there were good times, remember those, but do NOT go back to people who aren’t good for you. The warning was that he might try to come back because I am a nurturing, kind lady. Don’t let him. Sigh… I hope I don’t! I need good friends!

How did you like this reading? Did it help you sort out anything or did the cards “speak” to you in any way about friendship/another issue? Let me know in the comments below. I will also be happy to answer any questions about tarot or spells. Thanks!

P.S. YouTube videos may be coming to share readings. Would you like that? Let me know by email or commenting 🙂




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Get Up and Dance! Dancer of Joy – Daily Draw and Advice

Shaman’s Oracle – Dancer of Joy

Embrace and find joy in life today. Experience something pleasurable. Let that joy radiate from you onto others. Today can be a lovely day, you just have to let it be!

If you want to take this literally, do a dance! Even a “happy” or “joyful” dance when you do/experience something awesome today. I know it sounds nerdy, but what the heck right? Dancing can help balance your Root/Red Chakra which is located in the tailbone/base of the spine.

About My Dream Job: My Tarot Drawing

My Legacy of the Divine deck is very straight forward, no BS. So when I tried asking about my dream job (which I’ll keep private) it gave me flat out NO several times in a row. Then I added in “If I get healthy first… -insert dream job question-“. I got a 5 card YES and followed up by more YES answers pertaining to good luck, material wealth, and a lot of great things. It even gave me some great advice on how to start getting the job as well as a time frame. Gotta follow the advice from the tarot drawing in my last post before I can get this job then.

This was my advice drawing:


The cards are: The Fool, 7 of Swords, and The Wheel.

There is a lot of good advice here including that I must make sure to read contracts at this future job carefully, they might try to sneak in some clauses I won’t like.

The Fool


This will be a new beginning with new opportunities, a new understanding, and a lot of potential. A fresh start! Go at this opportunity with the eyes of a beginner, because experts see few opportunities while beginners see many. I should try to maintain my innocence and carefree attitude but at the same time be a little rebellious and spontaneous.

7 of Swords


My residence will be changing as well as (obviously) my current job. I must be patient so I do not become restless therefore losing the clarity of my purpose. Most likely it will be a short journey to this job. Indirect actions will help me get this job. I need to shake things up a bit while I am there in an indirect way too to help change major company flaws.

The Wheel


Start now, the timing is right. Move towards this big change and new adventures! Use creativity and personal vision to help propel me to this career. I have luck on my side right now. Evolve when needed, do not be stuck in my ways, because this job requires evolution to succeed and stick around. I might of had bad luck in the past but that is now changing.

In my other reading (I forgot to photograph it) had good luck in there as well. Lots of good luck.

Then I asked if I will be able to work with a particular person I admire. The answer was 4 YES and 1 NO but “material wealth” showed up a lot, even in the NO card. Here is the drawing below:


The cards are: The Sun, 10 of Coins, 6 of Coins, and The Devil. The card for NO was the King of Coins. This could be a result of the money/prosperity spell with grid that I did and still have up in my home. It worked within 1 day!

How did you like this reading? Let me know in the comments below. I will also be happy to answer any questions about tarot or spells. Thanks!

Tarot Reading – What Advice Do You Have to Help Me Remedy My Lack of Motivation to Exercise and Eat Healthy?

I did a 1 card draw from each of my decks to get advice on this issue. They were all eerily similar in certain key aspects… In addition to getting physically healthy, you can use this advice to get mentally healthy or get out of a bad situation, and more. There is an order to follow the advice as well to help us work through our issues which I will explain at the end.

7 of Wands from Legacy of the Divine Tarot, Spirit of Initiation from the Shaman's Oracle, and the Four of Vessels - Boredom from The Wildwood Tarot.
7 of Wands from Legacy of the Divine Tarot, Spirit of Initiation from the Shaman’s Oracle, and the Four of Vessels – Boredom from The Wildwood Tarot.


7 of Wands
Legacy of the Divine Tarot Card

Take a stand for what you believe is healthy, you ARE ready. Get to a good vantage point mentally before you start anything to reduce the likelihood of failure. Go through the doorway to healthy living and ignore the tasty treats that look so wonderful but in fact are erasing your health one piece of you at a time (the lower body near the wands, or “temptations of junk food and laziness”, is disappearing).

Be creative with your plan of action so you do not get bored with it. Add new exercises you enjoy as well as new recipes to try or new foods (would anyone like some duck eggs?). Maybe create a vision board with how you would like to look or what you want to be able to achieve in the process of getting your mind and body into a  better condition.

Listen to your natural urges to consume unprocessed foods, drink lots of water, and the need to move around. Your body is begging for it! For example: Sometimes when you think you are hungry again after a meal because your belly is growling/rumbling, what you really need is water. Drink water first then eat if you are still hungry after 15 minutes.

Shaman's Oracle Spirit of Initation

Spirit of Initiation
The Shaman’s Oracle Card

Welcome this transformation to your life and physical being. It is hard to think that we deserve something good for our body but we really do, every single one of us! Meditate and use inner and outer (spiritual or friend/family/doctor) wisdom more often. There is nothing wrong with at least listening to and taking into consideration other sources for information.

Open the door to healthy living! Put a barrier (physical or mental) between you and the unhealthy actions you are choosing now. Look at your potential to become a happier person from these actions and becoming whole mentally in addition to physically by treating yourself better.

Do not be vague with your goals. Be specific. Before starting any exercise or eating plan, take a look at the source of the unhealthy behavior now. For example: Did someone bully you into being this way? Do you have an unhealthy relationship with food? Self-sufficiency must be achieved meaning you have to be able to rely on yourself rather than outside sources because it is YOU that you are doing this for and who healthy living will affect the most.

Wildwood Tarot Four of Vessels Boredom Ace of Fire Spark of life

Four of Vessels, Boredom
The Wildwood Tarot Card

Take the opportunities in front of you to get in a better mental and physical condition. Do not fear it. The path looks dark but you have your brightly lit wand from the previous card to light the way meaning you have taken time to prepare for the journey so you have little to worry about. Take action and you will feel amazing! Ask for help from the universe, there is something out there that wants to help you and it will always answer.

Be aware of what you dislike as you try new things and do not do the same thing over and over again unless that is what you like to do. Otherwise, you will become bored and quit rather quickly. Be receptive to new ideas, activities, etc. Keep the flow of your activities and eating patterns going even when you go out or your day is hectic. You will feel better and more confident if you do, trust me.

Have a good foundation on which foods your taste buds love, this is critical to healthy living. Eat more good food you love and you lose weight/get your body into better operating condition. I don’t know about you but I will NOT eat what doesn’t taste good to me. Be organized with daily activities as well as where you put things. A filthy, disorganized house does not promote any sort of activity or healthy mindset. Being mentally organized, taking note of important life details and exercising your mind, will also be a great aid to you. Have a system and structure (established daily routine, for example). Finally, be kind to yourself on the days you slip or are in a bad mood and mess up by eating the wrong thing or skipping a workout. Every second of the day you can begin again, do not wait until tomorrow.

In What order should i follow this advice?

First, listen to the Spirit of Initiation. You need to open the door to healthy living before you can walk through it, right? Unless we are a ghost and can walk through a solid door, this must be the first card’s advice to take.

Next, grab a brightly lit wand (find your self-sufficiency and other tools) to help you through your journey by taking heed of the 7 of Wands card advice. Preparation is key to going on a long trek.

Last but not least, the 4 of Vessels – Boredom advises you to take action, be aware of your feelings and surroundings, and finally stay organized along the way to a better you!

On my Instagram, I did a 2 card draw on “What challenge will I face today?” and “What advice do you have to help me overcome it?” I will be posting more readings on there as well.

I hope you enjoyed this reading and get some use out of it. Feel free to comment below on if this drawing helped you, ways you use tarot to achieve goals/find advice, and whatever else you would like to say. I will do more of these readings so make sure to follow to get updates in your email inbox.