Tarot Reading – What Advice Do You Have to Help Me Remedy My Lack of Motivation to Exercise and Eat Healthy?

I did a 1 card draw from each of my decks to get advice on this issue. They were all eerily similar in certain key aspects… In addition to getting physically healthy, you can use this advice to get mentally healthy or get out of a bad situation, and more. There is an order to follow the advice as well to help us work through our issues which I will explain at the end.

7 of Wands from Legacy of the Divine Tarot, Spirit of Initiation from the Shaman's Oracle, and the Four of Vessels - Boredom from The Wildwood Tarot.
7 of Wands from Legacy of the Divine Tarot, Spirit of Initiation from the Shaman’s Oracle, and the Four of Vessels – Boredom from The Wildwood Tarot.


7 of Wands
Legacy of the Divine Tarot Card

Take a stand for what you believe is healthy, you ARE ready. Get to a good vantage point mentally before you start anything to reduce the likelihood of failure. Go through the doorway to healthy living and ignore the tasty treats that look so wonderful but in fact are erasing your health one piece of you at a time (the lower body near the wands, or “temptations of junk food and laziness”, is disappearing).

Be creative with your plan of action so you do not get bored with it. Add new exercises you enjoy as well as new recipes to try or new foods (would anyone like some duck eggs?). Maybe create a vision board with how you would like to look or what you want to be able to achieve in the process of getting your mind and body into a  better condition.

Listen to your natural urges to consume unprocessed foods, drink lots of water, and the need to move around. Your body is begging for it! For example: Sometimes when you think you are hungry again after a meal because your belly is growling/rumbling, what you really need is water. Drink water first then eat if you are still hungry after 15 minutes.

Shaman's Oracle Spirit of Initation

Spirit of Initiation
The Shaman’s Oracle Card

Welcome this transformation to your life and physical being. It is hard to think that we deserve something good for our body but we really do, every single one of us! Meditate and use inner and outer (spiritual or friend/family/doctor) wisdom more often. There is nothing wrong with at least listening to and taking into consideration other sources for information.

Open the door to healthy living! Put a barrier (physical or mental) between you and the unhealthy actions you are choosing now. Look at your potential to become a happier person from these actions and becoming whole mentally in addition to physically by treating yourself better.

Do not be vague with your goals. Be specific. Before starting any exercise or eating plan, take a look at the source of the unhealthy behavior now. For example: Did someone bully you into being this way? Do you have an unhealthy relationship with food? Self-sufficiency must be achieved meaning you have to be able to rely on yourself rather than outside sources because it is YOU that you are doing this for and who healthy living will affect the most.

Wildwood Tarot Four of Vessels Boredom Ace of Fire Spark of life

Four of Vessels, Boredom
The Wildwood Tarot Card

Take the opportunities in front of you to get in a better mental and physical condition. Do not fear it. The path looks dark but you have your brightly lit wand from the previous card to light the way meaning you have taken time to prepare for the journey so you have little to worry about. Take action and you will feel amazing! Ask for help from the universe, there is something out there that wants to help you and it will always answer.

Be aware of what you dislike as you try new things and do not do the same thing over and over again unless that is what you like to do. Otherwise, you will become bored and quit rather quickly. Be receptive to new ideas, activities, etc. Keep the flow of your activities and eating patterns going even when you go out or your day is hectic. You will feel better and more confident if you do, trust me.

Have a good foundation on which foods your taste buds love, this is critical to healthy living. Eat more good food you love and you lose weight/get your body into better operating condition. I don’t know about you but I will NOT eat what doesn’t taste good to me. Be organized with daily activities as well as where you put things. A filthy, disorganized house does not promote any sort of activity or healthy mindset. Being mentally organized, taking note of important life details and exercising your mind, will also be a great aid to you. Have a system and structure (established daily routine, for example). Finally, be kind to yourself on the days you slip or are in a bad mood and mess up by eating the wrong thing or skipping a workout. Every second of the day you can begin again, do not wait until tomorrow.

In What order should i follow this advice?

First, listen to the Spirit of Initiation. You need to open the door to healthy living before you can walk through it, right? Unless we are a ghost and can walk through a solid door, this must be the first card’s advice to take.

Next, grab a brightly lit wand (find your self-sufficiency and other tools) to help you through your journey by taking heed of the 7 of Wands card advice. Preparation is key to going on a long trek.

Last but not least, the 4 of Vessels – Boredom advises you to take action, be aware of your feelings and surroundings, and finally stay organized along the way to a better you!

On my Instagram, I did a 2 card draw on “What challenge will I face today?” and “What advice do you have to help me overcome it?” I will be posting more readings on there as well.

I hope you enjoyed this reading and get some use out of it. Feel free to comment below on if this drawing helped you, ways you use tarot to achieve goals/find advice, and whatever else you would like to say. I will do more of these readings so make sure to follow to get updates in your email inbox.


3 thoughts on “Tarot Reading – What Advice Do You Have to Help Me Remedy My Lack of Motivation to Exercise and Eat Healthy?

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  2. I like not only the Tarot Decks and selections of Tarot Cards you describe dealing with health, but I enjoy your Tarot Card Readings based on the drawings. I think I might have to keep coming back to read more! I Hope Sindelle has new blogs updated frequently! Very insightful and intuitive 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂 I always draw the cards to either help myself or any person who will come to my blog/Instagram. I am so happy that you enjoy the readings, and don’t worry more will come!


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