Reorganized and Redecorated Altar a.k.a Working Table

This is my set up as of today. Enjoy!


Relaxation, Tarot, and Spellwork

I have a specific area in my home I like to do spells. For the most part, I also read tarot/oracle cards there as well as do pendulum chart readings. This is my “working table”:


It is a wee bit messy, but it is mine 🙂

I enjoy sitting down at my working table and having a daily routine. I have my cup of coffee in the morning, light incense, do a daily blessing chant along with a protection blessing on my home, and read some tarot or chat with whomever is on the other side of the pendulum. Then proceed to do any spells I want or just chill out reading one of my Grimoires (or Sherlock Holmes book, which is sooooo out of place haha!).

IMG_20151127_145000551Tarot can be read anywhere in my place though, as long as I am comfortable and have a place to rest my elbow to use my pendulum as well (I use it with every reading to verify my interpretations). Since the weather is finally cool where I am, my fireplace is the center of most of my readings. Fire is always needed with my readings so I light a candle or sit next to a fire.

Today I did a drawing. This spread is: What am I struggling with, What will help me overcome it, and What will the outcome be.

IMG_20151128_112829045Beautiful results with this new deck. Financial issues that will get better. Can you read how? Let me know below, and I’ll tell you my interpretation on Monday.

I have a migraine attack today but I wanted to chat with you all, I missed you the two days I didn’t post! When I feel better, I will write my reply to the Leibster Award nomination I got this past week.

So now, in terms of decks for those who wanted to know, I own: The Wildwood Tarot (in time out for now because it didn’t cooperate and I was not experienced enough to use it), The Legacy of the Divine Tarot, Deviant Moon Tarot, and the Shaman’s Oracle.

It was fate I walked in to Half Price Books and found Deviant Moon Tarot for $8!! Holy crap!

Oh, and the wand in the picture is handmade with a stick from outside, a crystal, and another beautiful rock.

This is the one I want off of Or I’d get the Weegyptians statue, then the plush Bast because I love stuffed animals.

Before I leave you in this post, I want to encourage you to be yourself. In your home you should have a place to worship, practice, and just plain be you without having to hide. Create your own sanctuary. Add plants, candles, incense, pictures, and whatever else you want. I want to add a Bast/Bastet statue (budget isn’t allowing me to get the one I want) to my desk and more twigs/pine cones from outside.

Feel free to leave a comment below about this post or whatever you’d like to ask. Or, email me, but don’t forget to subscribe because I’ll have more posts like this one coming up! xoxo

See the updated table here.


Do You Cast Spells with Rough Gemstones and Minerals?

This is my Athame along with some rough gemstones and minerals I use. I have a LOT more.
This is my Athame along with some rough gemstones and minerals I use. I have a LOT more.

I really adore rough gemstones and minerals. In fact, I primarily use those paired with a candle or two in spells and that is it. Don’t get me wrong, I love herbs. I burn sage daily to cast a circle, aid meditation as well as relaxation, and to smudge items in order to cleanse them. There is something about the rough feeling of the stones and minerals that I enjoy so much though. Perhaps I feel they are unaltered or more natural (nothing wrong with tumbled stones, by the way, I have them too).

Crystals seem to just find me. I know that probably sounds odd but it is definitely something that occurs. This started after I climbed a mountain in Arkansas to find my first crystals and agates on my own. Determination, right? Who else loves rocks that much? C’mon, you do too!

My Athame is used a lot. It doubles as a wand for me until I find the perfect branch for one. I got it from the website The Magickal Cat. They have a great selection of rough and tumbled gemstones, Athames, books, journals, as well as a HUGE variety of herb types and cuts if that is your thing. My pendulum needs a bag or cloth too… I sense a shopping trip coming up to my local witchy/metaphysical stores!

I do not have a gemstone/mineral to place on top of my tarot or oracle cards yet. They are kept in my beautiful and incredibly soft card bags. The new deck will need one or perhaps a crystal will be placed on top of it in a safe place away from my familiars instead.

What are your favorite gemstones and/or minerals to use in spells? Or are you more of an herb lover? Tell me in a comment below.