Dream Interpretation – Zombies, Necklaces, and Relationships

zombie-t-shirtsI had a really odd dream last night that I can remember vividly. What stuck out the most was arguing over a pink heart necklace with a silver chain at a shop that was giving its stuff away for free during a zombie apocalypse. I was trying to give it to the lady who had it but she wouldn’t let go and allow me to untangle it from my other necklace in hand first. She was very rude and desperate. The other necklace in my hand was silver with a white rectangular pendant.

The necklaces looked similar to these:


The dream interpreted:

The pink heart necklace symbolizes love and passion. There might be a woman attached to someone in the future who doesn’t want to let go of someone I care about and will try to cause issues.

The white necklace symbolizes honor and purity. I wouldn’t let go of the necklace until my own was released and tried to reason with her regardless of her rude behavior. Seeing this necklace in my hand tells me I have intellect. A lesson for me is that I need to think about the new situations coming in my life even though I like to think of the past a lot (not a bad thing). Good health and fertility are in my future (oh boy!).

The zombie apocalypse symbolizes something ending or something being dead to me. The person I saw in my dream (romantic partner) will most likely cease to have a relationship with me soon. Seeing so many zombies around me tells us that I am feeling detached from this guy in the dream and that I am going through the motions of being with him rather than being whole and happy. In my current situation I feel helpless and without power to change anything but the great news is that it will get better!

Whew, now I feel better! That dream was nagging me until I wrote everything down and got out my interpretation materials. Remembering dreams is usually tough but I needed to remember this one for that insight, I believe.

So how did you like this post? Do you have a dream you want interpreted for you? If so, comment below or email me here and I will be interpreting one dream each for 5 people for free! When the slots are taken I will put a comment below or make a post. I will be adding this service to my shop tomorrow morning for Cyber Monday. Also, don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t. I will be giving away one free 7 card tarot reading for one question when I reach 100 subscribers.


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