Friendship: Who to Keep, Who to Get Rid Of

Ah friends…. it is hard to find good ones, isn’t it? Sometimes we think someone is a nice, supportive, and loyal person when they are not simply because we are too nice to think otherwise despite the signs. This is the tarot reading I did for myself and it will hopefully aid you as well. Enjoy.

My Uncle Stush/Stan was helping with this reading to give me advice (he came through on the pendulum today). He has always given the best advice.


The Page of Cups (Rx/Reverse), 6 of Swords then the 3 of coins and the Page of Wands from Legacy of the Divine Tarot.

The first part of the drawing (2 left cards) were about how to find better friends.

The two cards are saying that I should not be letting self centered, childish people steer my vessel (my life) at all because it will be put into dangerous waters… They might steer me into an obstacle on purpose because that is the kind of person they are but they will pretend like nothing was wrong with doing it! Get rid of those people, steer your own boat. Of course you can always ask for help or find a new friend but remember who you had on the last voyage as a person to avoid at all costs.

The 2 cards on the right were about what the attributes are of people can I look for to find good friends for myself. So who are they? Hardworking people with common sense who share my interests are the kind of people I should look for. Preferably, someone who is in the same area of work or way of life that I am (a Witch and Tarot/Pendulum reader). These people shall hate drama as much as I do and do not stoop low to find dirt on others nor do they waste time with things that are trivial and derail anyone from goals or work.


When I began asking (again) about a “friend” and if they would come back, these 2 cards literally FLEW out of the deck… How fitting.

They mean, in a nutshell, that I must be kinder to myself. How? By not chasing after bad friends just because I don’t want to be alone! My memories of them are skewed and they really weren’t someone to keep around. If there were good times, remember those, but do NOT go back to people who aren’t good for you. The warning was that he might try to come back because I am a nurturing, kind lady. Don’t let him. Sigh… I hope I don’t! I need good friends!

How did you like this reading? Did it help you sort out anything or did the cards “speak” to you in any way about friendship/another issue? Let me know in the comments below. I will also be happy to answer any questions about tarot or spells. Thanks!

P.S. YouTube videos may be coming to share readings. Would you like that? Let me know by email or commenting 🙂





4 thoughts on “Friendship: Who to Keep, Who to Get Rid Of

  1. Jo

    Hi. This reading was pretty much on the button, I took the friends as my husband. We are going through a bad patch and he has been holding me back alot. I recently left him but went back for all the wrong reasons. This part really screamed out at me-“The warning was that he might try to come back because I am a nurturing, kind lady. Don’t let him”.
    All my loved ones have told me to leave him and don’t go back as he is dragging me down, I think I will be a regular on your sight.


    1. I am so glad I could help 🙂 😀 It can be tough to realize when you care about someone that they aren’t good for you. Especially when they come back again and again. I hope you are doing well, thanks so much for reading.

      Liked by 1 person

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