About My Dream Job: My Tarot Drawing

My Legacy of the Divine deck is very straight forward, no BS. So when I tried asking about my dream job (which I’ll keep private) it gave me flat out NO several times in a row. Then I added in “If I get healthy first… -insert dream job question-“. I got a 5 card YES and followed up by more YES answers pertaining to good luck, material wealth, and a lot of great things. It even gave me some great advice on how to start getting the job as well as a time frame. Gotta follow the advice from the tarot drawing in my last post before I can get this job then.

This was my advice drawing:


The cards are: The Fool, 7 of Swords, and The Wheel.

There is a lot of good advice here including that I must make sure to read contracts at this future job carefully, they might try to sneak in some clauses I won’t like.

The Fool


This will be a new beginning with new opportunities, a new understanding, and a lot of potential. A fresh start! Go at this opportunity with the eyes of a beginner, because experts see few opportunities while beginners see many. I should try to maintain my innocence and carefree attitude but at the same time be a little rebellious and spontaneous.

7 of Swords


My residence will be changing as well as (obviously) my current job. I must be patient so I do not become restless therefore losing the clarity of my purpose. Most likely it will be a short journey to this job. Indirect actions will help me get this job. I need to shake things up a bit while I am there in an indirect way too to help change major company flaws.

The Wheel


Start now, the timing is right. Move towards this big change and new adventures! Use creativity and personal vision to help propel me to this career. I have luck on my side right now. Evolve when needed, do not be stuck in my ways, because this job requires evolution to succeed and stick around. I might of had bad luck in the past but that is now changing.

In my other reading (I forgot to photograph it) had good luck in there as well. Lots of good luck.

Then I asked if I will be able to work with a particular person I admire. The answer was 4 YES and 1 NO but “material wealth” showed up a lot, even in the NO card. Here is the drawing below:


The cards are: The Sun, 10 of Coins, 6 of Coins, and The Devil. The card for NO was the King of Coins. This could be a result of the money/prosperity spell with grid that I did and still have up in my home. It worked within 1 day!

How did you like this reading? Let me know in the comments below. I will also be happy to answer any questions about tarot or spells. Thanks!


12 thoughts on “About My Dream Job: My Tarot Drawing

            1. My Shaman’s Oracle deck is a bear to shuffle too, but because the cards are wide and I have tiny hands. How many cards does the Fairy deck have? My two Tarot decks (Legacy of the Divine and The WIldwood Tarot) have 78 cards. Shaman’s Oracle has 52.

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      1. I looked through my cards and much to my surprise I discovered I have the Legacy of the Divine, I picked it up at a Meetup and haven’t had time to work with it yet. Now I think I will.


  1. Sindelle, congratulations, in advance.

    I have had Ciro Marchetti’s “Legacy of the Divine Tarot” for several years. Currently, I only have one copy, which I use exclusively for myself, but have had his “Gilded Tarot” for a little longer, obviously, and use that with clients.

    I love how the Goddess (or, if you prefer, the Universe) gave you clear and evident Signs and Divine Guidance on what to do to prepare for your brand new life of great success and Divine Prosperity.

    If I listed my favorite Decks, this might be a much longer comment! Ha!

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    1. I am new to recognizing when the Goddesses show me things. Bast can be very blunt at times as well as Hecate. Other times, not so much. That is why I use the tarot and pendulum to help communicate. I thank you for the congratulations šŸ™‚ I didn’t realize the Gilded Tarot was made by the same person as the Legacy of the Divine! I want the Gilded Tarot so bad (as well as several others including the Steampunk Tarot, Sherlock Holmes, and more). Halloween themed anything catches my eye too so I want the Halloween Oracle pretty bad. Ugh, the desire to acquire, it’ll never end! Ha ha!


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