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Her name is Bell. She is a 6 week old Chihuahua mix.



Starting My Weight Loss Journey and SMART Goals Today, Join Me?

Hello everyone! This post is about starting my weight loss journey and the SMART Goals that I created. I was wondering if anyone wanted to join me for this? We could keep it via email and I will only post about my progress.

Several posts ago, my tarot cards gave me a detailed plan to lose weight. I decided today I had to stop screwing around as I just discovered I am THE HEAVIEST I’VE EVER BEEN!!! I was stunned…

So via the steps given to me, I have…

  1. Shaman's Oracle Spirit of InitationFirst from on the Spirit of Initiation card – I created SMART goals, now see that I do deserve good health, put boundaries between myself and bad food (no fast food or soda this past week yay!), addressed my unhealthy relationship with food, and visualized how I will feel after I get healthier.
  2. dafe0c5328e0fbd15e8b214eb53916e7Next from the 7 of Wands – I added exercises I love to do in my journey, I am in the process of creating a vision board, I am drinking more water and actually eating when I am hungry (skipping meals is a HUGE issue for me), again I cut out fast food & soda but soon lentils, grains, dairy, and canned goods will go out of my diet, and I have my exercise gear laid out with my fitness watch ready to go!
  3. Wildwood Tarot Four of Vessels Boredom Ace of Fire Spark of lifeFinally from the 4 of Vessels: Boredom – I have filled out my planner with my SMART goals (fitness/health, blog, and work goals), added weigh in days, set how many times I will exercise per week, organized myself to have less stress by noting when specific things need to be done as well as appointments/etc., I am focused on when I am feeling down or upset so I do not eat bad food or not eat at all, have knowledge of what foods I love and which I will not eat (if I am forced to eat them I will not eat at all… yikes), I am currently establishing a daily routine/schedule, and last but not least I am being kind to myself. I am 100% committed starting right now!!!

Leave a comment below or email me if you enjoyed this post or would like to join me on my journey and see my other SMART goals. xoxo

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