Yule Preparation 2 – Tarot

This Yule Tree spread is fun for a party! Have several guests pick one or two cards from a tarot deck. Then, once the tree is complete, ask each guest why they chose it and say “so mote it be” to make that statement a magical affirmation.


I found this great spread below from bellaonline.com in the forums. You draw one card each day (12 cards total). Look at the directions here.

spread3sm5 great gifts for the tarot readers you know are:

  1. A special cloth to lay cards on just for their readings
  2. A container to hold tarot cards while traveling such as a tin (these are the best in my opinion)
  3. Runes. A lot of tarot readers I know enjoy drawing a rune or several with cards to help clarify the meanings
  4. iTunes gift card/other gift card for apps. There are a lot of great tarot apps for phones, tablets, and computers so this would be a great techie tarot gift
  5. Massage or manicure day. Their hands and arms get tired and dry from constantly shuffling cards for client readings



Yule Preparation Part 1

From the poll I took this weekend, Yule Preparation was the most desired post topic for this week. Don’t worry, if you voted for something I will write about it this month!

qBefore December starts, roughly the second week of November, I order my incense online if it isn’t in stores. I LOVE pine and cinnamon incense.

There are several things I do the first week or two of December.

The first week, I decorate at least a little bit.





IMG_20151207_194554917Next, I send out Yule cards. These three are the ones I love this year (click to enlarge):


Those two things are the most important. I then start to prepare a menu for myself and guests. Raspberry cucumber salad with feta cheese is one of my favorites!  2

In the next post for Yule Preparations 3 part series, I will give you 2 recipes for food as well as 2 incense recipes.

Other things you can expect:

  1. Decorations
  2. Party Favors
  3. Gift Ideas
  4. Yule with Pets
  5. Tarot Spreads for Yule

And more!

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